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  3. El Clásico: FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid 3-2
  4. El Clasico 2017, FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid
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April 22, 2017
Neymar’s suspension confirmed, will miss “El Clasico”
Neymar is suspended and out of the Clásico, Spanish sports tribunal had confirmed three game suspension, Official. FC Barcelona forward Neymar Jr. has already had been serving a match ban and now he will be out for three matches in total. He has been ruled out of El Clásico against Real Madrid in the Bernabéu after the Spanish...
Brighton goalkeeper David Stockdale scores two own goals
April 22, 2017
Brighton goalkeeper David Stockdale scores two own goals

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uefa semis
April 21, 2017
UEFA Champions League semis draw revealed

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ibrahimovic injury
April 21, 2017
Manchester United are ‘in trouble’ due to growing injury list

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April 20, 2017
Juventus F.C. knocked FC Barcelona out of UEFA Champions League

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