The Spain Primera Liga is mostly known as La Liga and La Liga Santander due to sponsorships with Santander. It is highly administrated by LFP, it has twenty teams which participate in the season playing with other nineteen teams twice with home and away concept each. It is the most popular football league, watched by millions of fans every year with heavy attendence on ground with an average attendance of 26,741.

Spain Primera Liga

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FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are the two most famous clubs in the world having world class players with high salary. These two clubs are the main clubs of Spain primera liga, the clashes between these two clubs every year are mostly watched.

Spain Primera Liga (La Liga) has been the top league in Europe over the last five years. Its players and clubs have accumulated the highest number of awards and trophies since its establishment.

The Primera liga follows the usual double round-robin format. In which each team plays with other native teams twice. Ranking of the teams depends upon the total pionts and the club which have the highest points becomes the Spain Primera League winner.

Spain Primera Liga Results and table

As the 2016 La Liga season ended and Real Madrid becomes the champion with three points lead over Barcelona. The new La Liga 2017-18 season begins in mid of august and may ended in may 2018 due to upcoming biggest event FiFa World Cup 2018 Russia.

Spain Primera League starting:   August 2017

League concluded on               :   May 2017

Spain Primera League fixtures

La-Liga teams

Spanish League La Liga fixtures will be updated soon here. Fixtures are not announced yet but when they will be updated will update you with latest results.

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La Liga Live Matches


Spain Primera Liga live

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